Why do narcissists get irritable/moody over the smallest things?

Why do narcissists get irritable/moody over the smallest things?Michael | Coach Gn⊙sis Credincials: Once, narcissistic (selfish) Now, Empowered (selfless)

A selfish person lives in their beliefs about reality… …instead of living in reality, and accepting accountability.

A selfish person's beliefs are based on beliefs, meaning their ideas, actions, motives, and ambitions are all ideas, based on ideas, fueled by pride, passion, and pleasure in ignorance.

  • A selfish person's identity is basically based on ideas.

Thus, as soon as you speak a contradictory thought to what that selfish person believes, your words are perceived by that person as an attack on his OR HER, identity.Hence, why the selfish person become irritable and moody over the smallest things…because your opinion isn’t a small thing to him OR HER, but is actually a literally threat to one’s delusion. It is literally a challenge to that one’s identity. Meanwhile, most people do not want to face the fact that if you find yourself in a “selfish relationship,” with a ‘narcissist,’ you most likely are fundamentally just as selfish as him or her.Afterall…How selfish must you be to mistakenly perceive your own thoughts about a person to be equal to the person that you hardly know at all ? Hint: VERY SELFISH Truly, you must be some degree of self-deceived to trust your own innate, overzealous and emotional POV, rather than genuinely seek to get to know the person your are dating, before you fully commit your life to that person . And contrary to popular belief: Ghosting the person you prejudge to be selfish, or disowning them without engaging in a genuine discussion to understand the other’s true POV is simply the motive of a coward . And anyone who advocates leaving someone else without engaging in a genuine conversation to discuss their differing POVs, that one is also a coward:

A selfish coward that is afraid to be proven wrong by the honest testimony of his or her partner.

That one should be ashamed of him or herself.Afterall, if you claim to have some vendetta against people you perceive to be “narcissistic,” you might very well be the true narcissist in your relationships, because we become what we love, and we also become what we hate. And it takes one to know one .

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