Enlightenment is N⊙W.

Updated: Sep 12

As I have walked this path in solitude, I have come to see my mournings turn to gladness, my struggles turn to ease, my fears turn to joy, my weaknesses turn to strengths, and my sins give way to a redeemed, Man. Before realizing this abiding Truth, and dwelling herein, I suffered the opinions of every other blind soul, just as they suffered mine. Of the friends I once had, I have no more; for their hearts have waxed cold towards me in the darkness of their illusion; and of the clients, I now have, their hearts have warmed towards Me; that is to say, they have grown to appreciate this abiding Truth that speaks on my behalf, herein. Thus, although I am not fully enlightened, like you, I am not so far along so as to forget what it means to stumble in the darkness of despair. Such states of being are a daily opportunity to grow on the path of Sanctification; but not so much that I fall completely into delusion like before; for with every passing shade of grey, I continuously come to Know, Feel & See: a brighter Light this Day. This is the Knowledge that has set me free from sorrow. And it is freely available to you at

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