"Be perfect just as Our Father
Heaven is perfect."

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"Every man is the byproduct of his current clarity of knowledge, and no man acts apart from said knowledge or the clarity thereof.

Yet, how often do we see our fellow men and women, blaming circumstances for their misfortunes, instead of striving to acquire better clarity or knowledge?

After all, better knowledge equals a better you; and just as surely as incomplete knowledge would make a fool of you, the best knowledge would equate to the best version of you; a version called: The Self.

This knowledge produces the very best "You" in every area of life, and it is called:

Gnosis: The Knowledge of The Self

This is the practical knowledge that ultimately frees oneself from all habitual tendencies & allows The Self to live in peace as Joy; forevermore."


❤️ Seek & Ye Shall Find.❤️

- Michael


The 90 Day Self-Realization Home Study Course 

Part 1: The Primal Meditation now freely available as written instructions*.

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